A comfier home with a tufted rug

I like expressing myself through my work as an interior designer, so in a way you can say that you can see me through the various houses that I have designed for my clients. Of course, I’d have to conform to the general description of what they want their homes to look like, but I manage to put a personal touch which separates my work from other interior decorators in the market.

This is the reason why I like to be in my home most of all. I get to design it in just the way I want to, and I make sure to express myself through the layout of my furniture and belongings. However, without a personal touch, my home would just be like any other dwelling that I have designed or those that are featured in lifestyle magazines. That’s why I make sure to put a personal touch which, in my case is, is a tufted rug.

Why Use a Hand Tufted Rug for Your Home

Unlike other rugs in the market today, tufted rugs look good because of the appearance of texture that it provides. However, it is not as hassling to have or expensive to obtain like sheepskin carpets. Tufted rugs go great with almost any room set-up and provide for an ambient kind of beauty that holds a room in place. This is especially true of large sized tufted rugs that cover a huge space, giving more of its textured look for a bigger area.

Look and feel comfortable with tufted rugs in your home

Consequently, hand tufted rugs also feel great because apart from seeming like they have texture, they actually do have texture. Can you imagine the implications of such a magnificent home piece? With a tufted rug, children and adults alike can comfortably settle on the floor and roll around or play on soft surface unrestrictedly. Tufted rugs have forever changed how people live, as some of my clients and friends would testify.

The Advantages of Having Modern Tufted Rugs

The good thing about having modern tufted rugs in this day and age is that it’s cheaper and made of more durable material. Basically, manufacturers have found a way to produce the best possible version using the least amount of money for both the producers and consumers. Several synthetic materials such as acrylic and viscose can now be utilized as alternative ingredients, while making the rugs themselves can be made in factories as opposed to yesteryear’s method of making them manually.

Another plus would be that the material used to make tufted rugs is more durable than ordinary fabric. As such, people can opt to wash and scrub their rugs every day without fearing deterioration or loss of detail from the rugs. I clean my tufted rug every because I lie on it every time have my friends over for a Friends Season 10 marathon.

Look for the best quality tufted rug and you won't regret it

Where to buy Tufted Area Rugs for Your Home

There are a lot of tufted rugs for sale in hardware and department stores so you won’t have trouble finding one. The good ones, however, are not that commonplace. I suggest you look up specialty boutiques or ask them about affiliate dealers they might have in the local mall.

Also, try looking up tufted rugs online in their websites or in popular online stores. For instance, try out this Jovi Home Puzzle Hand Tufted Rug from Amazon. It has an interesting design and a beautiful off-white color which makes it suitable for almost any home theme or design. If you’re for a more colorful piece, however, take a look at this Hand Tufted Wool Swirl Rug by EORC. It is attractive and eye-catching, perfect for almost any contemporary set-up. You’ll love what you find online, just make sure you keep a watchful eye. Happy online hunting!