Room darkerning shades for specific lighting needs

It’s cool having a den inside the house where you can do whatever you want. I usually use my den for movie marathons with friends over large bucket popcorn. Other times, we fill out the den as a drinking spot or unofficial party place. My den is quite roomy and is fully air-conditioned, so you can just imagine how good it feels to be in there.

The best part about my den, though, is that it seems to exist in its own separate time zone. At anytime, I can have full lighting from the sun through my huge glass panels or artificial lighting through the pin lights I have had installed. At the same time, though, I can make it pitch dark just by drawing my room darkening shades.

The Difference with Room Darkening Roller Shades

Room darkening shades are meant for people who have trouble sleeping around very bright areas. It is usually made of hard paper or plastic corrugated into honeycomb strips, strewn and hold together by a cord which controls them with a pull or release. Unlike Venetian blinds that intentionally let bits of light through the gaps between the strips despite being modulated to face downwards, the honeycomb strips of room darkening shades make sure that there are no gaps to let any kind of light through.

On the other hand, blackout roller blinds are made of thick dark fabric attached to a rolling mechanism at the part where this window treatment is mounted at the wall. The best room darkening shades are better than blackout roller blinds because they have more texture and look more beautiful either when drawn or retracted. Blackout roller blinds are basically just like big pieces of cloth to pull down against an open window.

I was a bit confused when writing this article because as far as window treatments go, both these models have got their identities mixed up. Blinds are usually the one made out of strips of semi-hard material strewn together and controlled by a cord, while shades are those made of fabric. I guess it just goes to show that with window treatments, names only go as far as their use or function is actually concerned. Or maybe that only applies to cheap room darkening shades, I don’t know.

Block out the sun with room darkening shades

Rooms That Would Go Well With Room Darkening Window Shades

Room darkening shades go perfectly with video or game rooms. To enjoy an HD movie or have a unique gaming experience, the room should be devoid of all light except that coming from the screen of your flat screen TV or projector. Using room darkening shades would also ensure that the said room can double as a place where you can enjoy good lighting once the shades are drawn up, maybe an audio room or even a library of sorts.

Bedrooms are also great to use hunter douglas room darkening shades, for example, in. As I have earlier mentioned, manufacturers of room darkening shades made this product to cater for bedrooms with people who have difficulty in sleeping with the slightest hint of light. This was intended especially for city-folk whose sleeping patterns are affected by bright city lights or other urban lighting disturbances.

Another good use of room darkening roller window shades would be in meditation or prayer rooms. Privacy is solitude is most needed when praying or meditating so these shades would actually have a practical and important use. I have my own meditation room where I like to draw the shade, light up incense, and reflect about my day. The feeling is very spiritual and it helps me clear my mind as well as recollect my thoughts.