Their simple visual appeal makes them very popular sets for casual dining uses

For the homeowner looking for good quality discount dinnerware sets for their home, the Corelle dinner set lineup is worthy of investigation.  Corelle dinnerware sets come in a wide variety of attractive patterns and styles, ensuring availability of a set suitable for any buyer.

For those who admire simplicity, one of the best choices might be one of the single color Corelle dinner plate sets.  These monochrome plates are anything but monotonous; their bright colors can offer a bright sunny look to any table.  Their simple visual appeal makes them very popular sets for casual dining uses.

For those who like the simplicity of a single color but prefer the classic look of white, Corelle’s white dishware sets are a good option.  These attractive settings can easily be used for both formal and everyday dining occasions.  This flexibility of usage makes them a great choice if your home is going to own only one dinnerware set.

Corelle’s Global Fusion line is appropriate for those whose tastes run more the exotic and foreign.  Each Corelle dinnerware set in this line is themed on a pattern inspired by various countries heritage.

For example one set contains images and colors of Japanese flower, placing a set like this on your dining table will invoke images of the land of the rising sun.  Likewise, the bold colors of a Spanish themed dinner plate set will bring to mind images of colorful Flamenco dancers.

If your tastes are more down to earth, nature scenes such as flower and leaf patterns may appeal to you more.  The Corelle dishware sets of this style are very attractive, and great for outdoor entertaining events.

Of course, when it comes to discount dinnerware sets, price is important.  Due to the great value Corelle offers, it is very possible on most budgets to purchase two or three 4 person dinner sets and create a large dinnerware set for twelve people.  While this may seem excessive to some, it will ensure you never run short of replacement plates in the event of breakages!

Corelle dinnerware sets come standard with a three year warranty.  Their low price and attractive construction makes them a great option for any home looking for a discounted dinnerware set.