its deep cleaning abilities let it lift out much more dirt from carpets and other surfaces

The Bissell ProHeat is a deep cleaning machine for carpets that has achieved much acclaim for its sturdy, thorough work capabilities. Bissell provides a one year warranty with each machine. Consumers can purchase the machine with confidence. It cleans deeply and lifts away stains that other cleaners leave behind.

Bissell is a trustworthy brand that continually updates its product line. Its Bissell ProHeat 2X is the most up-to-date version of this great cleaning machine. Several different accessory products make the machine highly versatile. You can add formulas that help fight allergens in the carpet. If you have pets, you will appreciate the formula for removing pet odors and stains. Some of the cleaning products are scented with fragrances that refresh the air as they clean.

The Bissell machine cleans a twelve inch band at one time. This makes caring for larger carpets much easier and faster. For disinfecting, a built-in heater provides steam to get rid of germs. It is a sturdy machine with extra powerful suction that removes deep-seated dirt and grime. It sells for approximately two hundred dollars at area stores and online retailers including Bissell itself.

At first glance, the ProHeat might be mistaken for a vacuum cleaner. But its deep cleaning abilities let it lift out much more dirt from carpets and other surfaces. Floor coverings, no matter how tightly woven or deeply tufted, will be much cleaner after a ProHeat treatment. The machine holds tiny brushes laid out in ten rows. It can be used to deep clean autos as well, and it is a super cleaner for stairs and upholstery too. It weighs only twenty-six pounds and proves easy to move wherever it is needed.

Many people have seen the Bissell ProHeat on television. Word of its positive virtues and terrific sturdiness are spreading as more and more people use it for efficient deep cleaning far superior to that provided by other cleaning machines. The Bissell ProHeat is ready to go to work for you.