Portable EZ Bed

When going out of town or staying at a friend’s house, sleeping on an unfamiliar bed could be an unpleasant experience. Some beds, unlike your own, can be too small or hard. Also, when borrowing a mattress, the feel can be different, not to mention the effort it takes to assemble and fix such beds before and after using them. Your vacation or short trip, thus, may, because of this small issue, turn out to be unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, human ingenuity has brought us several creature comforts that enable people to experience comfort even outside our very homes. One such innovation comes to us in the form of the ez bed. Unlike most portable beds, it simulates a real home bed which one is actually accustomed to. Some owners of this product, in fact, use this bed as their regular bed and bring them to wherever they would be going to for their trips or vacations.

Out of its many advantages, the ez bed is easy to store and set up. It has its own automatic air pump which inflates the bed, unlike most air beds that require a manual pump to blow. Within a matter of minutes, the bed is made up and ready for use. There is less effort to be used as one can indulge in other activities instead of worrying about where to sleep. Storing the bed is easy through the same air pump that sucks the air out of the said bed and fitting it for storage. Such ease cannot be found in any other bed type or any other similar brand. This would be perfect for travels where a bed is hard to come by. Traveling with this bed is easy because it folds into the shape and size of an ordinary suit case, perfect to bring, along with the rest of your baggage, to almost anywhere. Imagine yourself having bed in the middle of the beach just because you want to. The possibilities are endless are the destinations are limited only by where you want to go.

Also, and unlike most beds, the ez bed has its own stand that inflates along with the mattress. Upon the function of the pump blowing air into the bed, the stands connected at the bottom of the mattress unfolds by itself and forms into a height which emulates a normal raised bed. Forget past experiences where extra beds could not be obtained and mattresses to be slept on while on the floor. With this bed, the feel of sleeping at home can be brought anywhere.

However, the best advantage of having such a bed is the comfort that is ensured by this product. Above and beyond the homey feel and incredible portability, this bed is made of quality materials such as a foam soft mattress and 100% cotton beddings that ensure a very comfortable and relaxing rest. After all, what is the point of having such features if it doesn’t, in the end, serve its purpose of giving sounds sleep to the user?

If you still travel and tolerate uncomfortable beds, do yourself a favor and buy this product to experience what you have been missing out on.