A good choice of room paint color will be beneficial for you in the long run

The bedroom is perhaps one of the more intimate spaces a homeowner possesses. Unlike the living room where most of the visitors and guests are entertained, or the bathroom where they go to in order to relieve themselves while answering nature’s call, the bedroom is a personal space that only a rare few would ever see. Everyone who has ever had a bedroom to themselves would know that the bedroom is so much more than just an area to sleep in.

Choosing Colors of Paint for Bedrooms

People can be classified into a lot of things, but the two most popular and applicable classifications in this case would be those that care and those that don’t. Some people tend to think that just because the bedroom is a safe haven from everyone else they can keep it as unkempt as they wish. Although they are free to do so, I would recommend against it in my capacity as an interior designer and a homeowner. Being dirty does not equate to freedom, rather, to sloth and laziness.

Choose your paint color based on your personality and preferences

Beautifying your room is not just for the purpose of impressing other people. Looking good, contrary to popular belief, is also a great way to feel good, and making your room look nice would make you feel nice as well. Apart from keeping it clean, your bedroom design and aesthetic would greatly influence your mood most of the time, so it is extremely important to choose colors that you’d want to stare at and be immersed in for most of the time.

Unlikely Paint Colors for Bedrooms Ideas

A misconception, however, about bedroom paint colors is that it should always be on the bright and lighter shades of the color spectrum. Personally, I think this is like subjecting everyone to the state of mind that beauty is a limited concept, when in fact it is a universal concept that transcends all types of limitations. What might be cheerful for some may not apply to other people, so yellow does not apply to all people as a cheerful color to utilize.

Pick a good color for your room to last you a long time

My suggestion is you choose what color you want and make your surroundings adapt accordingly. Use dark violet if that really expresses your mood, but don’t be surprised if what you feel about that color one day changes and you wonder why your bedroom is all covered in violet. As such, you should exercise great caution when you do your bedroom paint color selection. You should also take into consideration, apart from how it makes you feel, the aesthetic impact it would have in your living space and among its other decorative aspects.