If you think that style depends much on size, then you should definitely take a good look at this project by the Parque Humano architectural firm. This glass house is mini but it’s big on style and spirit. Yes, spirit. The concept is very modern and minimalist but the function is maximized. I think this mini glass house would be better than a cabana for your outer spaces.

The structure is simple. The glass walls allow you to see the view from two sides of the structures. This is also the element which creates the breathable feeling inside the house. The center of the house hosts a modern fireplace that warms up the interior. The rest of the area inside is bare. Just by looking at it, you just might get the urge to grab a blanket and relax your senses inside.

This mini house also has a stylish way to extend its hands to the outdoors. If you find the glass house retreat to be lacking something then you may want to spend some time in the stone hot tub. It’s the ideal place for prayer times, meditations, relaxing, reading, or a simple quiet time every now and then. Big things can happen a place so little.

Whether you enjoy the rugged feel of nature, or you choose to be pampered indoors, this little glass house will be just right. The minimalist concept helps you to think of nothing, allowing you to free your mind and just relax. The compact nature of the house gives you the right amount of space without you having to feel like being overpowered by the place.

So, the next time you feel like going big on rest and relaxation, why not trying to go minimalist and stylish instead? It doesn’t have to be too much but it should definitely be just right.