Start by making a list of all the must-have features.

It does not happen every day that you are visiting companies selling manufactured modular homes in Edmonton. To guarantee that you will buy the perfect living space for you and your family, stick to these simple guidelines.

1. Start by making a list of all the must-have features. This includes the number of bedrooms, with or without a crawl space, specific amenities like air condition, type of flooring, etc. Also determine how much money you can afford to spend in total – include taxes and delivery charges if applicable.
2. Visit several dealers in manufactured modular homes in Edmonton. Do not forget to take pen, paper and a camera along. Taking notes and pictures is a great way to keep track of everything you see during your shopping excursions. Do not be afraid to open a few cabinet doors, or windows.  The more you know, the easier it will be to make a decision.

3. Check several modular factory-built homes online. It will give you an idea of what else is on the market. Online searches are less time consuming than checking out all the buildings suppliers of manufactured modular homes in Edmonton have on their lot. Make a spreadsheet of the prices of all the models you are interested in, such as the Symphony Bungalow, the Lockport, the Lake House, and the Rivendell.

4. Think about modifications. Unless you want to buy the lot model, you can elect customized options and upgrades. The lot models the companies offering manufactured modular homes in Edmonton have on display are only examples. The price of lot models is often reduced because they are no longer in pristine condition.

5. Request a blueprint of the modular home you like the most and envision where your belongings should go. Take measurements as you will have to figure out if everything will fit.

6. Before making an offer – no price is set in stone – make sure that you have your financing in place.

7. Enjoy your new home for many years to come.