Lately I’ve noticed a growing number of architects who are going for projects of building small structures. Isn’t it that building a smaller structure is less complicated than larger ones? However, it really is quite a challenge when it comes to making every available but limited area functional.

To the couple architect Sarah Deeds and carpenter John McBride, a small structure project can only mean one thing–cozy. This couple has built a small but warm studio that feels like a retreat house. The 120-sq.-ft. book nook is built within a wooded lot in California. Surrounded with wild landscaping, you will surely lose yourself and enjoy every bit of it.

The couple has designed and built this cozy studio out of recycled materials. The main door is a reclaimed aluminum door. Salvaged wood and environment friendly wood stains gave the house a very rustic, warm and stylish finish. Adding LED lights increases the very warm ambiance which is great especially for cold evenings.

What really makes this project work is the way the spaces have been designed. Practical storage fixtures and storage wares were strategically placed to leave room for movement and even playtime. There is just the right amount of space for the books as there is enough space for anyone’s alone time.

Whether meditating on your own or spending quality time with your special someone, this little book nook will surely be big enough to provide you with a lot of warmth, comfort and relaxation.